Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Smelly Web Indexes: January 24, 2010

For the week ending January 24, 2010:

The Solo Blog Index
Close: 112
Change: unchanged 
Big movers: FirstNerve +22%, JaimeleParfum +13%, IndiePerfumes -24%, NathanBranch -14%, Vetivresse -13% 

The Team Blog Index
Close: 122
Change: -1
Big movers:  none

The Corporate & Community Site Index
Close: 64 
Change: -14
Big movers: TheDryDown -18%


This week the Corporate & Community Site Index plummeted 14 points to its lowest close ever. Three of the four CCSI sites showed losses, led by TheDryDown; only BaseNotes managed to eke out a 1% gain. The Solo Blog Index moved sideways but with a lot of internal volatility as two big gainers offset three large decliners. The Team Blog Index notched down one point as three of its four component sites registered small losses.


Nathan Branch said...

-14% . . . ?!!


Avery Gilbert said...

Nathan Branch:

Quick Jeeves! Fetch the smelling salts for Mr. Branch.

Our crack team of First Nerve statisticians assures me that Alexa rankings are prone to sporadic bouts of clear-air turbulence--sudden up- or down-drafts that seem out of whack with the long-term traffic trends. The whimsy of the Alexa bots.

Traffic turbulence is more common at the lower altitudes where First Nerve's propeller-driven airship strains to avoid the treetops. At the stratospheric heights where flies the big bounce is rare--and thus comes as a shock to the proprietor.

According to the stat monkeys, your site has been on a steady climb since August 2009; it peaked at Christmas then, like the composite Solo Blog Index, has drifted down a bit.

Let Jeeves fix you a brandy. You'll be fine in no time.

Nathan Branch said...

Thanks for assuaging my bruised psyche. For a moment there, I thought I might have to retire rather than face re-election. ;)

Nukapai said...

Fabulous stats! (Came here via Thedrydown). Dear Mr. Gilbert; I've been recommending your book to everyone and bought it for Christmas for my perfumer-boss. Thank you for such a great read!

Avery Gilbert said...


Thank you for the kind words. I printed them out and taped them over my desk.

TheDrydown is a great portal to the fragrant blogosphere and it makes me jealous--I had a similar idea but Grant Osborne and Danielle actually went ahead and did it. Hats off to them.

Nukapai said...

Funny story: I told Dani and Grant about your book when we were having coffee at Starbucks. I showed them the passage about your wish for a community-led publication. (I believe they got in touch with you afterwards?). I'm delighted that I've found your blog!

Avery Gilbert said...


It's a small world or you are very well connected. Do you know Kevin Bacon personally?

Welcome to the blog--the party keeps getting bigger. I'll have to make another beer run soon.

Nukapai said...

Hehe...I don't know Kevin Bacon, but I have mingled with some other lovely star-studded people ;)

Don't think I'm particularly well connected except with a few smell-fanatics! Thank you for the welcome. I've already sent two more people to your blog.