Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Smelly Web Indexes: Reading the Ticker

For the week ending January 10, 2010:
The Solo Blog Index
Close: 110
Change: -3
Big movers: AnyasGarden -18%, Vetivresse -9%

The Team Blog Index
Close: 120
Change: +11
Big movers: I Smell Therefore I Am +23%

The Corporate & Community Site Index
Close: 86
Change: +8
Big movers: TheDryDown +12%


+Q Perfume Blog said...

I am confused here.
Alexa says my major public comes from Germany.
For the same period of time, google analytics say they are the 5th in the list. My major public according to google is Brazil and USA. I am confused now!

Avery Gilbert said...

+Q Perfume Blog:

I noticed your high German rating on Alexa. Not sure what it means. Maybe you are some kind of David Hasselhoff phenomenon. Try posting etwas auf deutsch and see what happens.