Sunday, January 13, 2013

ISDP: Kenneth, What’s the Olfactory?


It’s a dismal, wet, foggy day in January. And it’s the thirteenth of the month, time for us to scrape the bottom of the winter-time ISDP barrel and see what we can serve up to our loyal, if somewhat morbidly inclined, fanbase. As usual at this time of year, there’s not a lot to report. A hat tip to the Tiffany Network for supplying our meager portion.

According to CBS-TV Channel 21 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a lady called police when she woke up to “a foul smell coming from the vent system” from the apartment below hers. Police investigated and discovered the decomposed body of a middle-aged male, who may be that unit’s  tenant. Due to suspicious circumstances, they have launched a homicide investigation.

We went fossil hunting near Harrisburg years ago. The location was a shale slope beneath a freeway overpass by the Susquehanna River. It was rich with trilobites. We nearly got beaned by a Rolling Rock bottle flung out of a passing car. Telling this story makes us hungry for that central Pennsylvania specialty—scrapple. In our opinion, Habbersett® brand scrapple is by far the best. Sadly, stores near FirstNerve Manor no longer carry it.

CBS affiliate Channel 4 in Miami, Florida has the second incident. A tenant in a retirement home near Miami Gardens called the landlord to report a “bad smell” that had been coming from a neighbor’s apartment for a couple of days. The landlord, in turn, called the neighbor’s granddaughter who entered the apartment and found her grandmother dead and her grandfather unconscious. The new report discusses a malfunctioning gas stove and oven, yet the neighbor didn’t report smelling a gas leak. Hmm . . .

We’ve often acknowledged that dealing with ISDP complaints is an occupational hazard for apartment building managers and maintenance workers. So we understand why they’d like to hand off a complaint like this one. But asking the tenants’ granddaughter to look in on the scene strikes us as a poor call.

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