Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sissel Tolaas Fools Some of the People All the Time

“. . . so we made teas from human body sweat, and it got a lot of attention.”

Look at me! Look at me! Hey, look at me!

Uh, Sissel, you’re not half as transgressive as this guy.

Online mag Nowness calls her a “cross-disciplinary sensory connoisseur,” “researcher,” and “scent curator.”

I’m going to curate a collection of scent curators.

I’m calling it “Smelling the Smellers of Smells.”

It’s a meta thang.

Conceptual art, bro.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being the only one who dares tell it like it is about this Empress' New Clothes! What bothers me most is that she's the best known olfactory artist, and she is such a horrendous example and awful person. As someone once said about her, "She's the (scary) Kim Kardashian of smell: the only remarkable thing about her career is that she's managed to have one without any qualifications."
Here are some more ridiculous gems from her talk at the Tinguely Museum earlier this year:
-"They paid me $20,000 at Pitti Fragranze to talk about sweat."
-"SF MoMA bought this piece, so the smell of my mouth is now part of their permanent collection."
-"It was so disgusting people couldn't even make it to the toilet; there was vomit all over the place. So the museum built a vomitorium right next to the piece. [That's not even what a "vomitorium" is!] It's really amazing what you can do at a museum."
-"Celebrities donated bacteria from a smelly part of their body, that we then made cheese with: Mark Zuckerberg, Olafur Eliasson, Hans Ulrich Obrist... We even got bacteria from David Beckham's sneakers after a match."
And that wasn't even the most surreal part: in the middle of the presentation, as she was saying how she made a soap that smells of her body odor, a woman from the audience came up and started smelling her nether regions like a dog, until the moderator pushed her off... Sometimes I really don't get humans!
This definitely isn't the kind of olfactory art I want to be associated with: gross-out porn. But I guess in every field there are unhinged quacks that one had to put up with every now and then...

Avery Gilbert said...


Whoooo, doggy! Someone who responds to bleat of the Bogosity Meter half a world away.

It makes us so proud!