Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Swedish Definition of Erotic Catastrophe

From The Local:
The Victoria Milan dating site, which targets the market for Swedes wanting to have an affair, asked more than 2,000 of its more than 200,000 Swedish members what they find most irritating about their regular partner.
Being bad-tempered, whinny and nagging are the top turn-offs for Swedish philanderers.
Other complaints included the woman being too close to her parents, being stingy, not cleaning enough, poor personal hygiene and snoring. 
“I had no idea women had such poor hygiene!” Victoria Milan spokeswoman Dominika Peczynski told The Local. 
“In my opinion, farting in front of a person that’s supposed to view you in any kind of romantic or erotic way is a catastrophe.”
Maybe that explains these Swedish traffic signs . . .

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