Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nostalgie de la moo

Some of you are still grieving over the George Clooney fragrance that will never be. To speed the healing process, why not jump on the latest scent craze from Bavaria: Stallduft. That’s right: authentic cow barn aroma in a can; the mellow asmophere of a straw-filled wooden stable and all the relevant bovine emissions.

Ah, sweet elixir of the countryside. And for only €5.95 a can.

Actually, this doesn’t strike me as a totally crazy product concept. In researching What the Nose Knows, I found lots of autobiographical accounts of farm smellscapes. Barns and stables have an entire repertoire of smells—hay, livestock, saddle leather, wood, woolen blankets—that is potently evocative to those who grew up with it.

What I like about Stallduft is the locality-specific angle. Not just any cow farts: Bavarian cow farts.

To get a can you’ll have to know someone; right now they’re only shipping to Germany and Austria. Das ist eine Schade.

Hat tip: Jammie Wearing Fool

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NathanBranch said...

It must be all that luscious Bavarian cream . . .

Right about now, I so wish I knew someone in Germany, because a can of this would be the best birthday gag gift (and maybe quite literally in that regard) ever.