Monday, March 7, 2011

Say, What About Those New Michael Jackson Fragrances?

Back in January there was a lot of hoopla about Joe Jackson inking a fragrance deal based on his late son’s celebrity. The closer I looked at the deal and the characters involved, the louder rang the alarm on the FirstNerve Bogosity Meter. By post’s end it was in full claxon mode, just like the auto-destruct announcement aboard the Nostromo. It seemed to me unlikely that the fragrance house behind the deal would be able to deliver product in time for the announced March 7, 2011, launch event in Las Vegas.

Well, here we are on March 7 and a thorough search of the Web reveals . . . bupkis. So what happened to Jackson Legend for men, and Jackson Tribute: Timeless from Neverland for women?

The trail went cold immediately after the initial burst of publicity, although the Julian Rouas Paris corporate web site added a page with links to the PR. Otherwise, no follow-on press release, no promo for the launch event, nor mention of a delay. In fact, the YouTube video I embedded—an execrable commercial for the Julian Rouas Paris perfume Versailles—has since been “removed by the user.”

There’s a sad little FB page for “Fragrances by Joe Jackson - Julian Rouas Paris”. It has 18 “likes” and was last updated two months ago. Items dated Christmas Day were “liked” by none other than Cynthia Marven. It also has this indelible image:

Quick, now—climb into the escape pod, buckle up, and lower the sun-filter on your space helmet, because this deal is BLOWING UP!

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Anonymous said...

FYI- The Exclusive Launch Party for the Jackson-JRP fragrances are still on.The reason it didn't occur in March,2011 as was originally planned, was because Mr Jackson was tied up with other commitments overseas.We did finalize our meeting last night,i.e.,Wednesday, April,13,2011 with Mr Jackson, business partners and associates.The official date for the launch is June 9, 2011, Lord willing.As of this moment, we are working on the official program and invitations/accreditations to our invited guests,sponsors, investors,distributors,press etc.,etc.,.By God's grace,we can make it happen.Thanks for the blog!

Cynthia Marven