Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sniffing Natalie’s Knickers

Don’t read the trade rags because you think they’re boring? Think again. If not for the UK version of PrintWeek we never would have found this delightful story about the April issue of Bizarre Magazine. It goes on sale today and features a latex-clad model with rubber-scented scratch-and-sniff on the cover.

Bob Guccione would have been be so proud . . .

Bizarre bills itself as the magazine for the Alternative Community, whatever that might be. People with eyeliner and skeevy tats, evidently. On the other hand, we may have something in common with them. If we found the new issue in our dentist’s office we would definitely read this story: “Stinky Kinks - Bizarre explores the fetid world of foul smell fetishes.”

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