Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Really Crappy Idea for a Fragrance

I smell the poop of an Englishman,
Be he artist, or be he fraud,
I’ll use his work to write my blawg.
Based on his portfolio, I suspect English artist Jammie Nicholas is a recent graduate of the Acme Correspondence School of Transgressive Art. He created Surplus, his perfume concept project, last year but it is only now getting attention.

Who knows, it could start a whole new movement.


NathanBranch said...

Oh, *blurg*

I swear, it takes minimal talent and about a thimbleful of creativity to call one's self "an artist" anymore. Put something like this next to a Mondrian or a Warhol and it's a depressing distillation of the bankruptcy of 21st century culture.

Made worse by the pseudo-irony of the pose. Publicity stunts aren't ironic.

Avery Gilbert said...

Nathan Branch:

Don't you get it, Mr. Thicky Thick?

Nicholas is already referring to Warhol's serial images of Marilyn Monroe as he examines, nay interrogates the very concept of multiplicity that is at the core of our consensual illusion of what we call a "persona". It is thus homage rather than pseudo-irony which is at play in his work, although a pseudo-homage would also be ironic in this context.

Boy, that felt good. Can you tell I just finished my course from the Acme Correspondence School of Art Curatorship?