Saturday, March 12, 2011

That’s Life in the Big City

Gothamist links to the Fox 5 news video about a lingering scent of human feces in the Herald Square subway station. The MTA placed a caution sign at the crime scene, but didn’t get around to, you know, actually cleaning it up until the Fox broadcast.

Afterward, MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz declared:
Counter to Fox 5 claims, there were no feces at that location, but the pungent odor emanating from the area appears to stem from the homeless population there.

Well, then, no cause for complaint; it’s merely the pungent homeless population in the Herald Square station.

P.S. Wait a minute . . . did the MTA guy just compare the homeless to turds? Heartless bastard! (Mr. Ortiz must have attended the Rochelle Bloom School of Public Relations.)

P.P.S. [Stop harshing on Ms. Bloom. You'll never win a Best Blog FiFi at this rate.—Ed.]

P.P.P.S. Hey, here’s an idea. You know those highway signs that read “Litter removal next 3 miles provided by Acme Furniture”? How about “Air freshening in Herald Square station provided by The Fragrance Foundation.”

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